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Airline Merchant Account

Being in the Airline business entails more than just getting people from one place to another safely. It takes expert planning, knowledge, and determination to build and manage an efficient airline business. Like all businesses, airline merchants increase efficiency by letting customers pay in a highly customized and efficient way. A merchant account is the best way to set up a payment system that’s going to get your customers buying and on the move. Your payment gateway has to hit all the right marks, allowing your customers to pay by common methods such as credit or debit cards, or not so common methods like eCheck or ACH. The more ways your customers have to pay, the more convenience you offer them, and this allows for real time bookings and increased customer satisfaction. Whether you operate a major regional airline, a jet charter business or a flight focused travel agency, Flow Payments has the knowledge and experience to help your business grow with best-in-class payment solutions.

Merchant account for airlines


Why Are Airlines Deemed to be High Risk Merchants?

There are a few core reasons airline merchant accounts are considered to be high risk. Because of the high risk of government regulation and liabilities, airlines often have a black mark over their operations even before they find a payment processor. Banks and traditional processors don’t think fondly of the airline industry, so it can be tough to find banks and creditors to work with you. 

Here are just a few of the things that contribute to difficulty finding a reputable payment processor:

Ticket Prices: Airline companies sell tickets that can be priced very high for first class and or business class seating (and even more for private jet charter). Most processors try to avoid high ticket business types due to the chargeback threat.  

High Cancellation Rates: Due to the future date of travel, chargebacks can be common if a customer is unable to get a refund. Life throws constant changes, and if a customer needs to cancel their flight when outside of the refundable period, this can become a potential chargeback or dispute.

High Chargebacks: When a customer initiates a chargeback, regardless if the merchant wins the chargeback dispute, it still counts against the merchant’s processing history. This is why chargebacks are a concern for all airlines.


The Answer: High Risk Merchant Services

Every airline requires a merchant services program designed to cater to their credit card processing needs. Our merchant services specialists are highly trained to recognize and mitigate the unique challenges of your industry, helping you turn a profit faster and benefit from reduced fees.

None of the issues are going to go away because you sign up with a high risk merchant service, but Flow Payments has the experience and ability to guide you through the process. This increases your chance of turning a profit and walking away feeling good about the direction of your business. The processors that specialize in the travel industry are simply better prepared to take on the risks associated with airlines.

Another advantage of our services is our orderly underwriting process. Most banks have a lengthy and painful underwriting process, but high risk merchant accounts are something we specialize in for airlines and we make it quick and painless.


What You Need in Order to Apply

If you are interested in setting up an airline merchant account, it is important to keep a few key things in mind. Have your personal info and business information ready when you make first contact. Make sure to find your incorporation documents and then have your bank statements ready. Typically, three months of bank statements is a good general rule of thumb to follow. 

You’ll also want to show off your business’s online presence. Have your social media accounts and website addresses ready for the underwriting process. If you have advertising and marketing collateral, you’ll want to show those to the processor as well. An airline merchant account is easier to set up when you can clearly say, “This is where my business is, and this is how we operate.”

When you have all of this information available up front, you increase your chances of getting your airline merchant payment account set up quicker. And the quicker it’s set up, the sooner you can start accepting payments!


Go With the Pros

You want your payment processor to know about the airline industry. They shouldn’t just have a background in payments, but they should employ professionals who understand how airlines operate and how to make them more profitable. Flow Payments has decades of experience helping travel industry merchants, who are typically deemed to be high risk, accept payments with low rates and exceptional service. From War Risk Insurance for airlines to travel credit systems, we have the experience you need for your business.

Your business is your livelihood, your way to contribute to the world, and your way to let the world contribute back to you. The more solutions you give your customers to buy your airline tickets, the more money you’re going to make. Don’t just rush into the first airline merchant account that presents itself, though. Do your homework, make sure that you have your information ready to go right off the bat, and make sure you go with a merchant payment account provider who accepts the high risk that your industry entails and doesn’t penalize you for that risk you take every day to make a great airline for your customers. If you do these things, it’ll be smooth flying.     

Contact Flow Payments today to get started with a free personalized quote. We have decades of experience in the travel industry and look forward to exceeding your expectations.      


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