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High Risk eCheck Processing

What is an eCheck?

The word eCheck stands for Electronic Check. It simply is a form of an online payment that can work with a consumer checking account. Think of it as a digital check – the funds are drawn from the consumer’s checking account, transferred via the ACH network and then deposited into the business owners bank account. This is an alternative method for accepting payments from customers vs. the traditional debit card and credit card acceptance method.

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Is eCheck Processing a Good Fit for Your Business?

There are a lot of considerations when evaluating if you should or shouldn’t accept eChecks for your business. There is a portion of every industry that has a client base who still uses checks.  Having alternative payments methods for customers is a good option for most businesses. Some customers prefer to pay with debit cards and credit cards, but some people also prefer to use their checking account. eCheck processing offers similar options to debit card and credit card processing solutions such as recurring payments. With eCheck solutions from Flow Payments, you can have recurring payment features for your customers as well as an online portal to log in and review transactions as well as reports.  


What is the Cost for eCheck Processing?

Rates and fees will vary and typically it differs based on if your business is low risk or high risk. You should expect to pay a monthly fee and also a percentage of the sale and a transaction feel, similar to the structure of a traditional merchant account. eCheck processing solutions are typically priced well below what you would pay for a credit card transaction via a merchant account.


Working With Experienced Professionals

Although opening an eCheck account is a simple and quick process, it should still be approached with a level of care that it deserves. Flow Payments offers best in class eCheck solutions for high risk merchants and we have setup countless customers with the optimal solutions for their industry.


Why Flow Payments?

Flow Payments offers several eCheck processing solutions, depending on your business type. We don’t play games that other processors play regarding hidden rates and fees when it comes to our rate structures and agreements. We are upfront about our fees and service, and we have created a seamless application process for you. We will give you a dedicated account representative assigned to your account as soon as you reach out to us and they will guide you through the process and answer any questions that you may have. 


What Do I Need to Start?

Getting an eCheck account doesn’t have to be an over complicated process. The below items are what’s required for the initial application process.

  • Driver’s License
  • Voided Check
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Copy of EIN


Contact Flow Payments today for a free eCheck processing quote for your high risk or traditional business. We strive to offer best in class solutions and exceptional service.


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