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Flow Payments Best High Risk Credit Card ProcessingFlow Payments is committed to the success of our partners and we offer a variety of options and programs that allow you to expand your portfolio and increase your revenues.

Referral Partners & ISOs

With Flow Payments, you do not have to leave money on the table for those high risk leads you are unable to get approved with your standard high risk processor. We have multiple relationships with unique processors and banks, which enable us to place most high risk merchants with an account.

Additionally, we have a very generous referral program for all of our partners and we provide extremely aggressive revenue splits for any high volume submission(s). As well, every partner of Flow Payments is assigned an expertly trained specialist, that ensures a white glove approach for the placement of all your hard to place merchants.

Further, the level of your involvement in the set up process is entirely up to you. If you want to simply send us over your high risk leads/deals and let our expert payment specialists handle every aspect of the process, we are ready to put this strategy into action. If, on the other hand, you wish to conduct a more “hands on” approach and handle all of the merchant interactions and simply utilize our relationships to facilitate the approval of your accounts, we are also ready to go.

Additionally, we give all of our partners access to our easy to read and transparent reporting tool, which provides a better experience in monitoring your portfolio.

Bottom line, we are very nimble, which allows us to offer the best return on investment available for any business looking to find solutions for their hard to place merchants.


Integrated Partners & Value Added Resellers

Flow Payments has multiple solutions and open APIs, which allow for the successful integration of your software, in order to enable payment processing to all your clients. Let our developer network assist you with any of your integration needs. From credit repair to payday lending software, let us help your platform grow and prosper. As well, we do not force our partners to choose one gateway or solution over another and instead, we provide the flexibility that allows you to decide which option is best for your needs.


When you become an agent of Flow Payments, you are part of the Flow family. Our dedicated agent support staff are completely committed to your personal success and we are here to help you every step of the way. If you require any training at all, we will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to become effective at acquiring new merchants. As well, your portfolio and its growth will always be something we are constantly focused on. No matter if you are just starting out or you have experience with high risk processing, Flow Payments has the program and support that will help you generate a prosperous business model.
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