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Non-Profit Merchant Account

A non-profit business has a different set of goals than a for-profit business, but the fact remains that you still need to have an easy and safe way to accept money. Your cause is your champion, but it’s the money from donations that’s going to fund that champion. How do you safely and effectively make sure that your fundraisers and donations go off without a hitch? The easiest way to do that is with a non-profit merchant account. These merchant services allow you to quickly and easily receive payments from your donors.

How do people normally pay to donate to your cause? Is it by credit card? Debit? ACH? eCheck? If you want your best chance at bringing in as much money as possible, you need to make sure that your merchant provider is able to process each of these popular forms of payment. When you opt for a merchant account, you bring your non-profit one step closer to seamless payments without a hitch.

Non Profit Charity Credit Card Processing


How to Get a Non-Profit Merchant Account

Credit card processing is a cinch with this type of business. The goal is simple: It’s a platform that allows you to electronically accept credit card transactions online (or in some cases, in a store). You’ll be able to accept credit card payments in a myriad of different ways and from many different types of people that your non-profit operates with on a daily basis. For example, your donors will be able to do one-click payments. This will allow an instant action for your target audience without a lot of hoops to jump through.

You have a cause, and your non-profit merchant account will also have a cause: to give you a seamless way to transfer and receive money at the click of a button. It’s quick. It’s easy. And it’s definitely going to reduce the risk of you losing out on any donation towards your cause!


Advantages of Online Credit Card Processing for Non-Profit / Charitable Organizations

Your payment processor needs to know the ins and outs of non-profit organizations and the obstacles they face when receiving payments. By knowing your non-profit inside and out, they’re able to cater their payment solution to you in ways that will save you money but still get your own money to you on time. It reduces risk and gives you a sustainable level of fees to deal with. As non-profit ventures are sometimes seen as high risk from the perspective of processors and banks, dealing with traditional payment processors will prove costly.

Online non-profit payment processors just know more about your actual goals and how your non-profit organization operates. Since they know more about what you’re trying to do with your organization, they’re able to give you rates and fees that reduce your risks and costs. 

Your donors are able to benefit from this type of transaction as well. When they want to get money to you quickly, they’ll be able to. As a comprehensive solution for both the person raising money and the person who wants to give money, this type of non-profit payment gateway is going to simplify life for all involved. There’s no need to manually tackle all of these payments. Your payment gateway does it for you. That makes life a breeze for donors who want to contribute to your cause.

Best of all, this type of payment gateway has enhanced security to give your donors and vendors peace of mind while dealing with your business. They’re not throwing money to the wind here. The system is locked down with best-in-class security, allowing everyone to use resources and money in an environment that’s 100% safe.


Non-Profit Processing the Right Way

Non-profit merchants are going to love the easy sign up process and the quick approval. Because online payment processors for non-profits typically involve less paperwork and faster approval, you’ll be able to get money for your cause in a safer, quicker way from now on. It’s a matter of applying and going through the speedier underwriting process.


What You’ll Need

Basics: Name, Tax ID Number, Phone, and Business address

Bank details: Basics such as routing and account number

501C: Copy of your 501C articles

Bank statements: They might ask to see recent bank statements proving your organization’s activity

Website and social media details: You will want your website to be complete with your terms and conditions, about us page, what donations packages you offer (if any) etc.   


Get Started on Something Great Today

A non-profit organization exists to make the world a better place. It operates on this principle, not on profit. Despite this, we all know that non-profits need money just like a for-profit organization. Handling your payment gateway in a beneficial way – such as signing up for an online non-profit payment processor – will increase your efficiency and funds, allowing you to build a stronger, more helpful non-profit bottom line for the people who serve.         

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