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Cashless ATM


A Cashless ATM, also known as Point of Banking, is a payment processing solution that has been around for many years.  The main selling point for most business owners is the ability to accept debit cards and avoid having to pay annoying processing fees. This is not only useful for traditional business owners, but it is wildly popular in the high risk or ‘hard to place’ merchant world.

Cashless ATM Point of Banking

For those in high risk categories, being unable to have standard retail debit or credit card processing is a common challenge. Flow Payments is the gold standard in the high risk space and we offer a simple, transparent, low cost Cashless ATM solution. Being able to offer this alternative for high risk businesses has been paramount for our business and customers.

The simplicity of our Cashless ATM solution is the key to its success. Your customers will be able to run their pin entered debit card and process an ATM-like transaction. This allows you to offer your customers a quasi-standard retail experience that has been hard to find but is necessary to compete in the market. Your customer will pay a small convenience fee at the point of sale, and that’s it! NO gimmicks, NO hidden rates and NO hidden fees. We are so committed to providing the absolute best low-cost solution to you and your customers, that we don’t even charge you a monthly fee! When you use our system, you are able avoid paying any processing fees that are standard with a traditional processing solution. We also offer a rewards program to business owners, which can be a revenue generation engine for your business.

When you sign up, we have a 24 hour approval process, after which deploy your pre-programed equipment!


Cashless ATM Features:

  • No Processing Fees
  • No Hidden Fees or Rates
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Wireless Terminals for Delivery 
  • Use Your Existing Bank Account
  • Customer Convenience
  • Ability to Earn Additional Revenue 
  • Helps Reduce Cash on Hand
  • Online Reporting
  • Plug and Play Solution

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